happy little pill on snapchat

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'Horns' Official Trailer

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Summer - Real Friends

jesus lyrics on this album are just…..

Wish me luck.

I’m going to try to write my fist fan-fiction. Aaaah. So excited.

This are the ships:

*Kinky/one shot
*Element Power

So if you want, you can help me decide, because ugh There is so much to choose from.

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" A moment, A love, A dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs." 

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First time watching Doctor Who

What have I got myself into! Now I know why they say RUN!

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Watch "Happy Little Pill - (OFFICIAL AUDIO) - Troye Sivan" on YouTube

Happy Little Pill - (OFFICIAL AUDIO) - Troye Sivan:

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